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Digital Technology allows printing directly from computer files. The main advantage of this technique is the use of unlimited printing formats (maximum print width of one sheet up to 5 meters) and the allowance of single piece orders and works. Sharing best quality and prices, digital printing provides solutions for special orders and lower costs circulation products.


The precision of the eye. Photo technology offers innovative systems and solutions for the most varied fields of application. The best digital image technology for the professional photo and print fields, is provided by Durst Lambda®TM a laser-based, large-format output device for high-resolution printing of images on photosensitive roll materials. Resolution is 4500 DPI. Prints have a 2 years minimum guaranty.


Offset printing is used as a stabilised printing process for most of the printing products. This technique provides flexibility for a large range of works and a high printing resolution and color adherence to the matrix. This technology offers sheet to sheet printing. The main advantage is the speed and the possibility to print large quantities of issues in standard quality and in extremely short delivery time.

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